Top Healthy Teeth Tips for Families

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Healthy teeth are definitely the key to a healthy life not only because they help us chew the right kinds of food but also because with healthy teeth you feel more confident. Research has revealed that unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to a number of health problems such as heart attack etc. if your teeth are healthy you are less prone to toothaches and decay which can be more problematic than you can imagine. A severe toothache can affect your performance, mood and health adversely and needs to be catered as soon as possible. Find out more about dental care on Nadia Kiderman `s blog.

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Home Based Tips for Healthier Teeth and Gums

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Healthy teeth and gums are not only good for giving you a beautiful smile rather they help you in a number of other ways that you might not know off.  Looking after your teeth and gums ensures greater oral health and hygiene which saves you from a number of health related problems. If you face problems with the health of your teeth and gums it can lead to major diseases like heart diseases, oral cancer, and bowel problems etc. women with teeth problems can be more prone to premature deliveries and low birth weight babies.

Home Based Tips

Dental care can be very costly so you can always take advantage of centuries old home remedies to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, if a problem persists it is always advisable to go for professional advice. Here are some tried and tested home-based tips for greater health of your teeth and gums:

1.    Oil Pulling

A decades-old treatment, called oil pulling that ensures the greater health of your teeth, gums, and jaws by preventing problems like tooth decay. It has been used in ancient times in Ayurveda and according to a journal it helps cure plaque-induced gingivitis. This involves swishing sesame oil or coconut oil on your teeth and gums for about ten minutes and then gargling with warm water. You can add salt in the water for added microbial benefits. Finish off the procedure by regular brushing. It should be pursued daily on an empty stomach.

2.    Turmeric

Turmeric is definitely a magical herb as it helps cure a number of problems and is truly beneficial for your teeth and gums. If you want to prevent bacterial infection, plaque or gingivitis, then turmeric should definitely be used by you. You can use it in different ways either in the form of a daily mouthwash prepared by boiling turmeric in water and cooling the mixture or in the form of a paste that is to be brushed to the teeth few times a week. You can also prepare a mixture with turmeric, mustard oil, and salt which can be applied to the teeth once every day.

3.    Guava Leaves

Guava leaves have amazing anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-plaque qualities which make it ideal for use to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Guava leaves can be used in a variety of ways to help you enjoy healthier teeth and gums and some of them are:

  • Chew few guava leaves for some time and then spit them out.
  • Make a mouthwash by boiling few guava leaves in water and later straining the water for future use.
  • Thirdly they can be ground to make effective toothpaste.

4.    Salt

Salt is extremely helpful for ensuring better health and functioning of your teeth due to its microbial benefits. You can simply add salt in warm water and gargle with this water which will help you with tooth decay, swollen or bleeding gums and makes your teeth less vulnerable to injury.


Thus, these home-based remedies can actually make a big difference.

Success and Complication Rates of Fixed Partial Dentures


There are many options for those who have missing teeth in their mouth that result in spaces. These spaces have the ability to cause the teeth to shift in to try to fill the holes. A bridge is a partial that is made to accommodate this empty space. Another terms for a bridge is a fixed partial denture. Unlike traditional dentures, these are dentures are bound to the teeth’s roots. As an extra precaution, they are cemented to the adjacent teeth. They are otherwise known as the abutment.

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Sjogren’s Syndrome: Causes and Treatment

Sjogren's Syndrome tongue

Seen in mostly female patients, Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the glands and body tissue. Complications arise when affected tissue around the eyes, breathing passages and mouth become infected. Its most common symptoms are dryness in the mouth and eyes but other symptoms like fatigue, joint tenderness and pain and a persistent cough may also be present.

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